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The Summer Slide.. No Not That Kind!

Have you heard of the term "summer slide" from your child's teacher or from other places in the community or online? The end of the school year and start of summer bring about this term in so many different capacities, but what does it actually mean? Basically, the summer slide is the learning loss that can happen if students don't keep up with practicing learned skills over the summer. Think about it- they spend 7-8 hours a day for over 100 days a year in an academic routine, building on knowledge and honing their reading, writing, math and executive functioning skills. Over the summer, camp, swimming, vacations and other fun (and much needed) activities take the place of this practice so it's understandable that kids can be a little rusty going back in September.

The teacher in me wants to say "YES. Kids need to practice a little every day!!!!".

But, realistically summer brings a whole new set of challenges for students and parents with camp and work schedules, playdates, and longer days and nights. SO what can you do? Honestly, start with reading! Spend a little time at night before bed or wherever you can fit it into your day. Read to them, have them read to you, act out stories, listen to audio books in the car on the way to camp, talk about the books your listening to or reading. Practice counting while waiting in line at the amusement park, make lists of what you need from the store together, write letters to friends and family that you haven't seen in awhile. Summer practice doesn't need to be drills and flashcards, especially when little ones are so much more interested in the world around them!

In short, do what you can, practice when and how you can, and keep it fun for everyone! Check out the activities and printables pages for some activities you might want to try this summer and see below for more information on "summer slide".


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