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Kindergarten Classroom



Hello and welcome to Parent's Guide to Little Learning! This site is a toolkit for busy parents trying to navigate the ins and outs of early childhood education, as well as homeschooling parents looking for new ways to engage their children. My name is Jen and I am a former teacher with over a decade of experience in early childhood education. Now out of classroom, I am looking for ways to help parents stay informed about current topics in education, what their child's teacher is really talking about, and providing fun and easy ways for parents to help their children engage in learning. 

Educational Toys

Mission and Values

Only the Best

I only promote activities, books, and resources that I would actually use in a classroom or at home with my own children. I look for quality, engaging and affordable resources to make helping your child at home a little bit easier. Learning doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to be fun!

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